A Summer of Opportunities

This summer has been amazing for Creative Joy Event Solutions! We are growing and growing and the opportunities are flowing. (See what I did there!) I am absolutely so grateful for the folks I've been working closely with. The couples, the vendors, the venues, and everyone in between have been wonderful and so unbelievable trusting.

When I officially began CJES last year, I had no idea what would come of this small business. But I did know that I was passionate and would be fierce in my pursuit of helping clients have beautiful, dream-worthy, and stress-free weddings.

Some of my couples ask why "Creative Joy Event Solutions"?

  • Creative: This is my creative outlet. With my technical background, I knew there was a large part of my life and ability that was untapped. 
  • Joy: It's not an emotion, its a choice to be joyful and it's a gift to have something to be joyful about. So, it's my absolute joy to work with loving couples to make their wedding day stress-free and hopefully make new friends in the process.
  • Event: Surprise! I plan events of all types.
  • Solutions: I like to combine this word with creative to make creative solutions. A lot of event planning is just problem solving to make an outcome happen when you're facing challenges. That's what gives me pride with my couples, facing an obstacle and finding a solution that is in budget, because that is key.

If you're reading this and wondering if you truly need a wedding planner or coordinator, I get it! This is your day, maybe your budget is tight or you don't want to relinquish any control. With my process, you make all of the decisions with none of the stress, and I think you'd be surprised with how budget-friendly my packages and services are. Reach out today to set up a free consultation.